Beautiful Rhythm: A Short Story

Beautiful Rhythm

Forbidden Love | Age Gap | Undeniable Desire

Jade’s trembling hands reach up to cup my face, her fingers stalling my ravenous onslaught on her exposed skin.

“Seth,” she murmurs, willing me to look at her.

I rebel against the loss of her warm body pressed tightly against mine, yet apprehensive of the worry I sense in her warm brown eyes while trying hard not to combust from the amounts of restraint I’ve had to exercise from the first minute she walked into the studio.

“Jade,” I groan, our foreheads touching. “I’ll stop if you don’t want this,” I say, trying not to mourn the loss of her warmth while preparing my mind for the worst.

What was I thinking? How did I get so addicted so fast? My world was crumbling, yet I’ll have given anything to have Jade in my arms, like this, right now.

Her hands stop trembling, and she nervously tightens her legs around my midriff. “I want this, Seth, but you’ll have to promise to be gentle.”

My phallus strains with desire at her words, begging for freedom. If only she knew how dangerously close I was to rip her apart, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. She’ll be sprinting out of here instead of holding me captive with her innocent gaze.

“I’m no saint, Jade, and you’re forbidden in every way possible. You know what they say about forbidden fruits, don’t you?”

She shakes her head, biting her lower lip in a manner that suggests she’s thinking about it. God, she’s the most precious little thing you’ve ever blessed me with.

“That it’s tempting?” she asks, doubtful of her response.

I growl, dipping my head to leave a trail of kisses on her neck. “No, my little butterfly. Forbidden fruits are intoxicating, and one can never get enough of them,” I say, grazing her skin as I speak. “That’s what you do to me. You intoxicate me, like a crazed junkie, and I can’t get enough of you. Jade, I cannot promise to be gentle, but I’ll never hurt you.”

A soft moan escapes her lips. Her taut little buds trussed up against my chest. My body warred with my senses for possession like a depraved man without strength, fighting to keep my hands off her.

“My insides are screaming, Seth,” she moans, her hands gripping my shoulders hard. “Is it always intense like this?”

“More than you’ll ever know.”

“How about now?” I ask, giving in to my need. I slip my hands between her legs spread on my thigh, pressing my thumb against the center fabric of her shorts. She bucks against my hands. “How does it feel?”

Her eyes flutter shut, barely able to say a word. “It feels glorious. Almost like when I’m leaping through the air when we dance,” she says and dips her head back, urging me on with her fingers tearing into my skin. “Don’t stop. I have never felt this alive in years, and I’ve lived for eighteen years.”

I stop. Her last words doused my volcanic desire.

“Jade, this is all wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this. You’re my student. I shouldn’t have such feelings for you, much more think about doing what I’m about to do moments ago,” I say, untangling her feet and standing up with her.

She slides off me, wreaking havoc on my already rebellious and angry warhead.

Jade holds my life captive in her smile and graceful movements. My world revolves around her sunny presence, and I’m left empty when she leaves the room.

How do I explain this to anyone without coming off as a psycho? Who would believe that a man my age will have genuine feelings for a woman like her, without having in mind to take advantage?

I open my mouth to explain myself when the words died right on my lips, my eyes transfixed by her movements.

“Jade, what are you doing?”

“What you’re too scared to do,” she ground out softly, stepping out of her shorts.

She stands gloriously nude before me; the light, accentuating her dark skin.

Our reflections in the fall-to-wall mirror to the side of my office made it almost impossible not to want to shove reasoning aside.

This woman drives me insane, and she’s going to be my undoing.

“Does my age make you see me any differently, Mr. Seth?”

“Jade, I can never see you any differently than the woman you are before me. From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I wanted you. I won’t drag you through the hell and pain of what falling for me would mean for us.”

She steps closer to me. Her hands, suddenly bold, hook to the sides of my loose sweatpants. “You don’t live by your own rules, do you?”

Her words, and the seductive innocence behind them, fried my brain to shit. “What rules might that be?”

“The rule of living for now and damming the consequences, Mr. Seth,” she says and pulls down my sweats, kneeling to place a kiss on its tip.

My cock bounces, glad to be freed from the constraining material. I drew my gaze to our image in the mirror. We looked surreal, like a portrait of loving reverence dipped in sin.

My restraint breaks, and I cave. Jade is mine, and I’ll seize every minute of every moment I get to spend in her presence, regardless of the consequences of our actions.

She is the only air I want to breathe and starting right now, I’ll show her just how deprived of air I’m

I step out of my pants, pulling her to me. “I want to dance, Jade. Do you?”

She giggles, flying into my arms with her legs locked firmly behind my back. “We’ve been said to make beautiful rhythms together. Why stop now?”

I capture her lips in mine, breaking for a minute to whisper into her ears. “This beautiful rhythm is one you’ll never forget. I promise.”

She nods, submitting to me, wholly.

“I believe you.”

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