Sharing The Deets on My Latest WIP

Writing Yuletide Memories on a whim to enter Booknet’s Christmas short story contest was a beautiful feeling and I enjoyed every moment

A Christmas Romance Short Story Chapter One: Safe Haven “Jason, I want out.” That was all I said to get myself locked

Katrina and Michael’s story made my heart race with anticipation as they both wade through their obstacles, their messed-up relationships, family saga,

The cupid’s match series kicks off with an interesting stranger to friends valentine romance short story and here are some of my

Love, I’ve heard grows like blooming vine. Slow at first it sprouts, but nurtured with patience and care, it steadily spreads its warmth like the Cypress on a powder-white trellis, adding color and light to our lives. It felt like a tale carved out of folklore which was made up by silly, old elderlies to preach love and patience to little, oblivious children because I know better and have learned my lesson the hard way. The reformed me was smarter and more vigilant, ready to squash any distractions with the heel of my Louboutin.