Book Quote From Keeping You Forever

Favorite Book Quotes From Keeping You Forever

The cupid’s match series kicks off with an interesting stranger to friends valentine romance short story and here are some of my favorite book quotes from Keeping you forever.

Margaret and Caleb gave me a fuzzy feeling of warmth as I watched their unexpected friendship blossom into something beautiful and sweet. Margaret’s character had some pretty wild vivid imaginations, and Caleb, had me smiling like a lost cause.

These are a few of the lovely book quotes from keeping you forever.


I was prepared to rain down fire and brimstone should he persist when a slight tug on my shoulders made me pause and turn around.

Holy Moses! Damn, I picked the wrong pew.

Sitting behind me was the type of man you’d call tall, dark, and sinister with a hint of spicy hot; in his dark stripped senator’s Kaftan, and matching black hat. He simply raised his hands, clapped them together in a pleading form, and wordlessly mouthed ‘please’ accompanied by a warm smile that would melt even Queen Ravenna’s heart—from the Huntsman—but not mine.

Not today.

Book Quotes From Keeping You Forever


As a sleek black Ops operative on a secret mission, I knew I had to wait a while before following suit, learning all I could about my target before going in like a pro—at least that’s what I told myself.

The last time we spoke was an epic failure, so, in truth, I craved to see her in her natural element, unbothered and carefree, without the concealed murderous look on her face. I tell myself it will be better to first gauge her mood before giving it a second shot. I didn’t want to make instablog’s latest viral content if she was in a surly mood or pissed at something else this evening.


It took all the willpower I could summon from wonder woman to pull my eyes off him before he thinks I’m a creep, but boy was he beautiful.

Calm. Confident. Clean.

Just how I like my men.

Get a grip, Maggie. No man would want to date you after pulling such a mind-fucking stunt on them.

Book Quotes From Keeping You Forever


At this point, I knew I’d never pass any exams into the navy seal because I’d make a poor candidate if two women already made me while fooling myself out there. Better to flow with it than to make an awkward situation even weirder.

Raising my hands in surrender, I played the only card I had left. Honesty.


My hands took flight before I could stop them, leaving a fine imprint across his taut chin. His eyes flashed, and a slight tick appeared above his jaw, but he didn’t react.

He better not.

“I didn’t divulge details about my past, family, and life to you so you could judge me with it.”

Book Quotes From Keeping You Forever


I was a fool.

All I want was staring me in the face right now. The woman who made my heart sing and brightens my day with her carefree laughter. Not once did I think about Denise while I spent time with her because she consumed my every waking thought?

This ruse meant more to me than I cared to admit, and I realized I had been lying to myself.

I’m smiling all over again reading these because sometimes the simple things are the most difficult to acknowledge even it’s staring us in the face. Margaret and Caleb are my favorite Valentine couple until another takes their place.

*A cute smile*

Which of these Quotes were your favorite?

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