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Uncovered: A Novel About The Diamond Heist

A seasoned detective gets more than she bargained for when she accepts an assignment to go undercover against the notorious diamond smuggling crew simply known as Swift.

She is baffled by how slick and easy these crews penetrate their targets without leaving any trace to follow and the frustration it is causing the department chasing their tails trying to solve the case.

This is a thrilling crime story written to captivate your attention and hold you, prisoner, with mind-blowing twists and turns.

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Organized Crime, Crime Fiction, Female Detective, Heists, Crime Suspense

Convicted: A Sequel To Uncovered

Detective Clara, still in the recovery stage after her near-death experience with The Swift and his crew, finds it difficult to move on from the experience that changed her entire life, causing serious psychological struggles for her.

Clara is barely hanging on, holding it together by a thin thread, until the Swift and his crew hit again, shredding the precarious ledge she stood on, to pieces.

She is summoned to take on her old case and put down the notorious crew who have returned to the jacking precious gems after laying low in hiding for almost a year, picking up where they left off, and throwing the city in chaos once again

This final showdown is an action-packed suspense thriller, that is super explosive and will keep your heart racing.

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Crime Thriller, Suspense Thriller, Organized Crime, Crime Fiction, Female Detective, Heists, Crime Suspense

Chasing Diamonds: The Complete Diamond Heists Series

Detective Clara Mackane is a seasoned undercover detective who takes great pride in completing her assignments with her cover intact, until her run-in with the infamous diamond jacking crew, terrorizing businesses in the city.

This crew is smart, meticulous, calculating, and leaves no trace to follow. Clara is then charged with the task of infiltrating the business to be hit next after a resourceful tip lands on their laps.

Her life is put on the line as things go sideways, causing a ripple effect that led to an ultimate showdown between The Swift and Detective Mackane, in a thrilling, blood-pulsing game of intelligence and bravery.

This suspenseful action crime thriller novel is a must-read, filled with pulse-racing moments and jaw-dropping twists.

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