Ignited Passions

A Forbidden Love, Age-Gap, Contemporary Romance Novel



Falling for the right one hasn’t been more complicated!

Michael Kane is making plans to commit to his pregnant fiancee out of honor when he lands his dream job, only to find himself deeply attracted to his new boss in ways that would be termed sinful.

Katrina MacDaniels is a married woman who desires nothing more than to have a child, the sanctuary of her job, and an escape from her loveless marriage which is only a forte for scaring off the wolves gunning for her seat at the table.

Recruiting Michael Kane seemed harmless until he walked into her office reeking of seduction and igniting her desires.

Their attraction is doomed from the outset, with their careers, status, marriage, and relationships on the line.

Will Michael and Katrina lead with their heads or hearts?


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Short Excerpt

“Took you long enough Michael,” Mrs. Katrina said, without looking up from the fine print on her desk. The silver-rimmed spectacles perched on her pert nose gave her features the refined look of a maiden, highlighting the periwinkle blue of her eyes.

“Long enough? Aurora never said there was a time stamp on this pile of junk files, ma’am. Pardon my language,” Michael replied, disconcerted at the very thought that Aurora might just be right, and Mrs. Katrina needed the briefing on the files he just termed as junk.

Unaware he was being watched, Katrina marveled at how cute Michael looked all riled up and thoughtful. She knew he was assessing how he might have messed up big time. Standing there, all worked up and disturbed, making it difficult for Katrina to restrain herself.

Katrina let the rumbling laughter roll out in waves, doubling over at the sight of his discomfort, totally oblivious to the situation he was caught in.

Disconcerted by her outburst, Michael blurted out impatiently. “Please, I’ll like to know what is going on,” he said. “Did I somehow grow imaginary horns or is it something else? He asked, touching his face to be sure nothing out of the ordinary had taken residence on parts of his body without his knowledge.

He shoved aside his anger for a minute and just admired the way her face illuminated with happiness. The fine lines around her eyes disappeared without a trace, leaving behind sparkling pearls of beauty for his eyes only. Something awoke deep within him that he had buried for quite some time. Desire.

Barely able to rein in her bubbles before speaking, Katrina managed to snort out, “Jokes on you, Michael.”

“Wait! You mean to say I read the most boring files ever because of a Joke?” he asked. His anger was back on, but devoid of the hard edge.

Katrina nodded, unable to process any coherent thought in her current state without blubbering.

“It gave me a migraine, reading through all the gibberish about company formation, acquisition, and objectives,” he lamented, groaning. “Aurora did this on purpose, didn’t she?”

She smiled again. “Aurora is the only person who could deliver those files to you without cracking up badly. Gracie could barely contain herself when she found out what we were up to. Asking her to do the honors would ruin the effect,” Katrina said, wiping her eyes.

Michael narrowed his eyes, guessing this was an inside prank that everyone was aware of, except him.

“From your reaction, ma’am, I beg to say, you knew about it too,” he said, not appreciating the fact he was the object of their shenanigans at play.

“You are mistaken, Michael. It’s not just me. Everyone here knows you got served,” Katrina replied, trying to tune down her laughter, noticing his discomfort.

“It is an informal culture for new employees to be treated to the files of doom. We mandate all our clients to provide us with insight into their firm’s dealings, so we can have grassroots knowledge on how to handle their affairs,” Katrina explained to him.

“However, the Department of Records handles those files, while we get an overview during the briefing to draft out our action plan to handle their affairs,” she said, straining to keep the corners of her lips from turning up one more time.

“It is good to know I made such delightful entertainment for the day, although I do not appreciate it one bit. It felt like I was walking around on pins. I did, however, check myself twice to be sure I didn’t leave home naked today,” Michael replied, running a hand through his hair.

Katrina gasped at his last sentence, clogging her windpipe from sucking in sharp breaths through the wrong canal. She coughed hard, attempting to clear her airways, which drew Michael to her side in an instant.

“Are you alright?” Michael asked, placing a hand on hers. Lines of concern scarred his temple.

She drew back her hands from his, jolted by the spark that charged between their connected palms.

“A glass of water, please, and I will be fine. It’s obvious that laughing and breathing do not agree with each other,” she said, masking her heated cheeks with a handkerchief.

More like naked, and Michael didn’t sit well in Katrina’s thoughts.

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