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Springcleaning Negative Thoughts: A Notebook Journal

Let’s trash those unpleasant, negative thoughts together.

Break your circle of negative automatic thoughts through mindful spring cleaning. You don’t need to be perfect in order to be happy. What you need is to work through your self-defeating patterns of thinking, and turn it into a clean space that is healthy and habitable.

Dispel The Voices: A Guided Mental Wellness Journal

Reclaim control over your wellbeing through 30 days of guided journaling, self-awareness, and positive affirmation

Dispel the voices is a mental wellness journal with affirmations designed to help you reclaim control over your feelings, guide you through the hazy days and unburden your mind of negative thoughts.

Confident Boss Lady Summer Wellness Journal: A Guided 90 Days Wellness Journal

Dear Confident Boss Lady, Keep Practicing Healthy Habits This Summer

Go deeper with your wellness and self-love journey this summer by focusing on optimal completeness. This includes making simple, daily life choices that affect you positively and maintaining a healthy daily routine that keeps you focused and connected.

Confident Boss Lady Autumn Productivity Journal: A Guided 90 Days Productivity Journal

Dear Confident Boss Lady, Create and Execute Your Productivity Goal this Fall.

Smart, confident boss ladies need to create and execute their smart goals to achieve advancement in life and career. The 90 days autumn productivity journal will help you set smart goals, measure daily performance, take actionable steps, and develop a positive reward system to increase motivation.

Confident Boss Lady Winter Themed 90 Lined Journal

Dear Confident Boss Lady, Stay Consistent with Your Daily Affirmations This Winter.

Begin your day with confidence and end it with a satisfying smile as you Journal through 90 Days in Winter, creating balance in your life while sharing your daily experiences within the lined pages of this journal.