Through hell with You

A Small Town, Romance Suspense Novella


Isabella Bryce was running from her shackled past and a deranged, psychotic ex with an axe to grind.

All she wants is a simple life devoid of men with hideous pasts and unresolved baggage.

Until Adrian Wright hammers his way into her blissfully simple life.

He comes bearing both, burning through her defenses like molten lava from the pits of hell.

Adrian Wright is living with the guilt of his past and the ghost of his mistakes.

Nothing else matters except feeling pain and living in misery.

Until Isabella crashes into his heart, tearing through the seams of his sanity and awakening feelings he thought were long dead and buried.

Unable to let her in, he swings his guilt her way, leaving her with more than a shattered heart.

Love beacons. But the past seeks vengeance.

When Adrian discovers Isabella is in danger, he must make peace with his past and find out how deeply he’s willing to walk through hell to save her.

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Short Excerpt

His touch set my skin aflame. I temporarily forgot about my pain when his hands slipped between my parted thighs for a second. I gasped and tried to cover the shock, but I’m positive he heard, although his reaction was stoic.

I shook my head, unable to form a coherent sentence that wouldn’t come out like a string of broken, misspelled words slapped together. “Okay. Good.” Adrian leaned forward, his hand gently cupping my head. “I’m going to lift you now; tap my arm if you feel any pain on your way up.”

I nod, basking in his manly scent of skin and seduction.

It was intoxicating as fuck.

And I loved it.

When he lifted me to a sitting position, I swooned and tightly clutched his arm around my midsection. My other hand splayed on his broad chest, trying to steady myself.

He flinched and stilled for a minute. His heartbeat slowed to a dead stop, but he held me still. His supporting hand on the small of my back was driving me nuts.

Did I affect him, or was my body just feeling things? I couldn’t tell.

He tenderly holds me against him, looking at my legs. “I don’t think anything is broken. Just a mild concussion from the fall and a cut on your leg. You’ll need an ice pack and some gauze dressing for the cut.”

My hands slid slower and moved toward his back for a firmer grip to get more comfortable. His breath hitched, and this time I didn’t miss it. Time stopped for a minute and I thought we might have a thing going.

Maybe this chase was mutual after all.

But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

“I’ve read your very expressive notes and know about your dirty fantasies.”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on. I know what you want. But nearly breaking a spine is the craziest stunt a woman has ever pulled to get my attention.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” 

“Act offended all you want, but if you had just waltzed over to my place looking like this — he openly roamed his eyes over me — you’d have had my attention, no doubt.”

“Still, I’m impressed.”

I gaped at him, dumbfounded.

Here I was, fooling myself, thinking I affected him the same way he affected me. 

Whereas he was an unfiltered, sly prick.

“Sorry to break it to you, hotshot; I’m not seeking your attention,” I said, sat up, and pulled away from him. 

Anger quickly replaced my unbridled attraction to this pompous, self-absorbed jackass.

He smirked, “Oh no, I forgot! You were ogling from behind closed doors, dressed down to your — come fuck me now — lingerie. If I were to guess, I’d bet you had two fingers buried deep in your pussy while you were at it.”

The balls on this guy were humongous.

My cheeks flamed hot at his near-perfect, audacious, descriptive analysis of my escapades, but his attack on my dignity cuts deeper.

“You may leave now. I’m feeling much better.”

He cocked his head, assessing me with unashamed intent in his eyes. “Sure? Still, know this; I don’t chase my women. They come to me; willingly.”

Willing my ass. If he thought for one minute, I’ll sell myself short for a piece of his smooth, overtly tempting honey-dipped goodies. Then he’s in for a surprising ride.

“You can’t fight it, Isabel, but you could try. Once hooked, it’s only a matter of time before you beg me to fulfill your wishes.”

Scrambling to my feet, I shoved the urge to wince from the pain in my legs and to cover myself from his appraising gaze, aside. I squared my shoulders instead, pointing toward my door. “I’ve had enough of your condescending speeches for one night, Adrian. Please leave. Now!”

He grinned, leveling his gaze to meet mine. “My name sounds like sin, dripping from your lips; can’t wait to have it wrapped around my cock,” he said, leaving. “You know where to find me.”

“You can kiss that thought goodbye. It’s never happening between us.”

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